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2023-2024 Alumni Association Officers: 
President: Pat Ritchey '67
Vice-President: Phil Bob Feigel '65
Secretary: Beth Johnson White '73
Treasurer: Marsha Bird Bordas '67

Alumni Association Annual Dinner

July 19, 2024

Spindletop Hall
3414 Iron Work Pike
Lexington, KY 40511
Grand and elegant.
 The mansion has been a showplace since 1935. 
Spindletop Hall is a treasure acquired by UK in 1959.
        Hospitality Hour: 6:00-6:30 PM  
  Visit with Old Friends-Meet New Friends
       Dinner: 6:30 PM
     Cost: $49.00
   Program: 7:30 PM
  Meet Scholarship Recipients
  Install Officers  

Reservations Due: July 12. 2024

Complete the reservation form on back of this newsletter and mail with your check to :
 Lafayette Alumni Association,
PO Box 21753,
Lexington, KY 40522
 OR...Join the website, click Annual Dinner-2024 on the left side of the home page and make your reservation. The specific number of people attending is required in advance in order to coordinate with the catering company.
Annual Picnic
  Date:    Saturday, September 28, 2024
  Place:   OutBach Farm,  1955 Redd Road
  Hospitality: 12:30 PM
Lunch: 1:00 PM
      Postcards will be mailed to you with details
Holiday Potluck
    Date:   Monday, December 2, 2024
    Place:   Lafayette High School Cafeteria
    Time:  6:00 PM
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Annual Chili Supper
     Date:   2025
    Place:   Lafayette High School Cafeteria
    Time: 6:00 PM
   Postcards will be mailed to you with details
Lafayette Event Parking:
Behind the school...
Enter through doors makrd 10C. 
Other doors will be locked.

Lafayette High School Hall of Fame

Ron Martin

Ron graduated from Lafayette in 1966. During his three years at Lafayette, he not only was a good student but also played varsity baseball all while holding down near full time jobs. In those days, Mr. Sparkle Car Wash in Southland and Montgomery Wards at Turfland Mall were willing to hire young kids and give them a chance. Ron was only 15 when he started working nearly full time. After high school graduation, Ron attended UK where he studied business. In the second semester of his sophomore year, he injured his leg in a pick-up game of football which caused him to withdraw from classes.

These were the days of the Viet Nam War so by January 1968, Ron had been drafted and was starting basic training at Ft. Knox. June 1968 saw him in Viet Nam. June 1969, while home on leave, Ron met his wife of nearly fifty years now, Brenda Miller (Lafayette class of 1969). She was finishing her freshman year at EKU.

Ron completed his tour of duty with the Army in 1971, and he credits his wife, Brenda, for encouraging him to return to college and become a teacher. Ron joined Brenda at EKU and graduated in 1973. Upon graduation they moved to Monroe County, Florida where they have spent their professional careers as educators.

Ron’s career has been dedicated to the education of children and young adults. What makes Ron stand out is his ability to identify exactly what kind of support and encouragement each child needs to make it across the finish line. It is his understanding that not all children are going to college, but all children will be going to work that enables him to know how best to meet each child’s needs.  One child at a time, Ron made a difference until all of the children were included. What follows are only a couple of quotes from interviews with a few of  Ron’s former students: 

“There is no one more qualified, more honest and more caring than Mr. Martin. All I know is I am a better person for having him as a teacher.”    Rodney Nelson

“If it was not for Mr. Martin, I would never have showed up for school. Thank you, Mr. Martin, for calling my house every morning “Ms. Starr you had better show up to my class” was what he would say. It was the motivation I needed. Mr. Martin, thank you for caring enough to make me responsible for myself.” Heather Starr

“It’s people like Ron who see the qualities in students that brings out their potential, and it is because he takes the time and care.”  Ralph Pratt

Ron’s forty-five-year career as an educator in Coral Shores, Florida shows a remarkable commitment to the education, support, mentorship and betterment of children and young adults with a special ability to identify what kids need and going the distance to take care of those needs.

High School Teacher, Soccer Coach, Principal, Chairman of the Board of Education for Monroe County, Instructor of Economics for Florida Community College, Instructor of Adult Education, Steering Committee for Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida, Steering Committee Distributive Education Club of Florida. Special recognition as a Partner for Change for investment and service to youth of Monroe County. In the middle of all of this, in 1995, Ron completed his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership at Northwestern State University.

Earlier this year, Ron and Brenda were recognized by the Ocean Reef Keys Children’s Foundation for their many contributions to the students of Florida. One example of their commitment to the youth of their community includes driving a student to West Virginia to start college and later driving his mother for visits to reassure her that her son was doing well. Neither the student or his mother had ever been north of Miami.

It was very difficult to select only a few examples, a couple of quotes, a story or two about Ron’s care to feed the minds and meet the needs of the children and youth within his reach. Ron has touched hundreds of lives. In the classroom, one child at a time until all children had what they needed. In the community, Ron has guided committees, school boards and foundations to meet the needs of children in his County.

Although Ron has not lived in  Kentucky since graduating college, he still considers Lexington home. His two brothers live in the area as do several Lafayette classmates including Larry Hoover, Ron Smith and Bill Sprinkle… life-long friends.

How could we close without asking Ron who were his favorite teachers at Lafayette? Ron said: “Mr. Caudill, his baseball coach, was a man of strict values who expected a lot from his players; Mrs. Beard, who really cared about her students and who genuinely loved teaching; and Mrs. Champ, his Algebra teacher”.

I imagine if each of us look at our lives and identify the individuals who most influenced who we are, at least one of those individuals is a teacher.

Nomainated by Dr. Kathy Jansen (class of 1967))  Hall of Fame Inductee 2005

Steve Rardin, Chair, Hall of Fame

 Recipient of the 2023
Lafayette Alumni Association Scholarship
Hannah Schadler
 Freshman, University of Cumberland, English Major

I am so grateful to the Lafayette Alumni Scholarship Committee for selecting me as the 2023 recipient of this generous award. I have been studying English and creative writing through the SCAPA (School for Creative and Performing Arts) Literary Arts Program and Advanced Placement English classes at Lafayette for the past four years. This scholarship will assist me in continuing the education I started in high school and work toward a career in the field of English. As I am pursuing my college degree, it will allow me to focus on my studies. Thank you for this immense honor.



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