Letter from the President

Greetings from your President, Phil Bob Feigel “65

 What a year! At last we can tentatively move forward with our, dare we say, post pandemic plan for the Lafayette Alumni Association. I hope this newsletter finds everyone doing well in both mind and body. This many months of “stay put” has not been easy for anyone. I personally look forward to seeing all of you at the events we have scheduled. Please be aware that we will confirm events, dates, time and details with a special postcard to you well in advance. The Alumni Dinner is confirmed.   Please complete and send us the reservation form in this newsletter.  We need to be able to make a quick adjustment based on COVID-19 requirement changes. However, we have optimistically set a rough schedule. Please see the Calendar of Events.

 I ask everyone to suggest fund raising activities for us. We need to continue funding the Scholarship Program and cover Event costs. Please send your suggestions to our P.O. Box address in this Newsletter. Also, if you can financially manage a donation to the Scholarship Program, I ask you to make your donation as soon as possible. Please see the section in this Newsletter on how to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund.

 I would also like to thank the members who have kept the Hall of Fame and Scholarship Program going; and thank those who contributed to, wrote and published this Newsletter. I thank you for your willingness to push through what has been a tough time. We will recognize this year’s Hall of Fame recipient and our 2021 Scholarship recipient as usual at the Annual Dinner thanks to their efforts.   My thanks to Hall of Fame committee: Melanie Rhorer McCloud, Chair, Pat Ritchey, James Price, Marsha Bird Bordas, Danny McQueen, Judy O’Dell Hutchinson, and Chris Langston.  For the scholarship Program, I would like to thank Nancy Jordan Hancock, Chair, Melanie Rhorer McCloud, Marian Kurz Hudson and Carolyn Goodnight Kells. 

Are your membership dues current?   Please check your address label on this Newsletter. If it does not show year 2021 or later, your membership has expired and you need to quickly pay your dues. To pay your dues, see the form in this Newsletter or visit our website.