Hall of Fame

The Lafayette HALL OF FAME Committees Have Inducted The Following Graduates Since The 50th Anniversary Of Lafayette High School

2022 Inductee

Regrettably, due to COVID conditions early this year,
we were unable to form a Selection Committee.
 As a result, we do not have a Hall of Fame recipient for 2022.

2021 Inductee

James E. Humphrey, Jr., Class of 1948

2020 Inductee

Gregory Allen Hood MD, MACP, FRCP, Class of 1986

2019 Inductee

James T. Cecil, Military, Class of 1942**

2018 Inductees
James "Jim" Mahan, Agricultural, Class of 1962
Judge James Black Todd, US Magistrate Judge, Class of 1958
2017 Inductee
Douglas A Shively, Sports, Class of 1955
2016 Inductee
Judge James D. Ishmael, Jr. Fayette County Circuit Judge, Class of 1964
2015 Inductee
Stuart Robertson, Arts and Film, Class of 1961
2014 Inductees
Don Combs, Trainer, 1970 Derby Winner, Dust Commander, Class of 1957
John Ward, Horse Trainer, 2001 Derby Winner, Monarchos, Class of 1963
2013 Inductee
Tyson L. Gay, Athletics/Olympian, Class of 2001
2012 Inductee
Jean Phelps Krohn, Educator/ Community Service, Class of  1950
2011 Inductee
Michael Andersen, Journalism/Photographer, Class of 1956
2010 Inductee
James T. Tanner, PhD., Scientist, Radio Chemistry, Class of 1957
2009 Inductee
Jewell Fay Spears Brooker, Education/Literature, Class of 1957
2008 Inductee
Roger D. McDaniel, MBA, Engineering/Business, Class of 1957
2007 Inductees
Henry Alexander, Real Estate/Auctioneer, Class of 1956
Gretchen Marcum Brown, Social Work/Hospice,Class of 1966
William H. Jansen, PhD., Social Anthropology, Class of 1967
Michele Demarest Ripley, Journalism, Class of 1980
2006 Inductees
Betty Preece, Engineering & Education, Class of 1944
Sue Robbins Gaines Preece, Engineering, Class of 1971
2005 Inductees
Lewis William Thompson, MD, Medicine, Class of 1951
Elgan L. Baker, PhD., Psychology/Psychoanalysis, Class of 1967
Kathy Allen Jansen, PhD., Education, Class of 1967
2004 Inductees
Thomas Melville Boyd, Business, Class of 1954
Douglas A. Bruce, Journalist/Entertainer, Class of 1969
2003 Inductees
Chester "Harold" Easley, Insurance/Finance, Class of 1940
James L. Wyatt, Engineering,  Class of 1941
Sarah Tabb Henry, Ed.D, Education, Class of 1952
J. Susan Griffith, MD., Medicine, Class of 1973
Marcia Malone Bell, Family Therapy/Education, Class of 1974
2002 Inductees
Dr. Jack Ballard, DD., Religion, Class of 1945**
Dr. James (Ken) Cole, PhD., Mechanical Engineer, Class of 1950
Dr. William Seale, PhD. Finance, Class of 1958
Dr. Peter Jokl, MD., Medicine, Class of 1960
Dr. Ernie Fletcher, MD., Past Governor of Kentucky, Class of 1970
2001 Inductees
Edward Hagyard Fallon, DVM, Vet. Medicine, Class of 1949**
Diane Friel McGowin, Author, Class of 1955
William (Bill) Lickert, Sports, Class of 1957**
Dr. Marion Jokl Ball, Medical Education, Class of 1957
Patricia Frisby Galloway, Civil Engineer, Class of 1975
2000 Inductees
James Sherburne, Art, Class of 1942**
Charlie Jock Sutherland, Sports, Class of 1947
Carolyn Moynahan Jenkins, Education, Class of 1952
John R Barton, MD, Medicine, Class of 1975
 Michael Mattingly, Business, Class of 1978
1999 Inductees
William Scroggins, Business, Class of 1940
William Gilbert, Business/Marketing, Class of 1940
William F. Nave, Arts/Entertainment, Class of 1942**
Helen A. Shaw, PhD., Science, Class of 1954
Marianne Gentry Sheffield, Business, Class of 1959
Russell F. Parks, Jr. Education/Sports, Class of 1970
1998 Inductees
Robert Douglas Flynn, Business, Class of 1946
Robert Warren Featherston, Education, Class of 1949
Dr. Donald Graham Duvall, Medicine, Class of 1957
Lynn Bostick, Art, Class of 1958
Margaret Cook Ho, Missionary, Class of 1958
1997 Inductees
Judge Edward Johnstone, US District Judge, Class of 1940**
Henry D. White, Business, Class of 1947
Courtney Terrill, Education, Class of 1953**
Dr. Norman Osborne, Education, Class of 1959
Barth Pemberton, Business, Class of 1960**
1996 Inductees
Calvin G Grayson, Engineer, Class of 1941
Jane Piatt Waits, Business, Class of 1941
Marilyn Miller Fletcher, Radio/TV, Class of 1949
Vernon Hatton, Athletics, NBA, Class of 1954
Sandra Wilson Shafer, Civic Leader, Class of 1974
1995 Inductees
Bob Mulcahy, Coach/Sports, Class of 1950
Dr. Richard Lamb, Physicist, Class of 1951
W. Robert Jones, Business, Class of 1953**
Dr. Lauretta Flynn Byars, Education, Class of 1966
Lt. Col. James D. Price, Military, Class of 1966
1994 Inductees
Mary Ann Burdette, Civic Leader, Class of 1944
Nancy West, Educator, Class of 1947**
Dr. George F. Grady, Medicine, Class of 1952
Brig.General Richard L. Craft, US Air Force/Military, Class of 1953
John Raymond Henry, Sculptor, Class of 1961
1993 Inductees
Gloria Madeline Stevens Hamilton, Entertainment, Class of 1942
Dr. John Poundstone, Public Health, Class of 1958
Mary Bazzy Awwad, United Nations, Class of 1958
Maj. Gen. Larry L. Henry, US Air Force/Military, Class of 1959
Lauren Patch, Business/Insurance, Class of 1969
1992 Inductee
Dr. Eric Essene, Geology, Class of 1957
1991 Inductees
Don Wallace, Architect, Class of 1949
Dr. James Back, Medicine, Military, Class of 1956**
Robert Maxwell, Equine Business, Class of 1959
Catherine Ward Bishir, Author, Class of 1960
1990 Inductees
Thomas Marshall Hahn, Jr. PhD., Business, Class of 1943**
Roy Walton, Coach, Class of 1950**
Alex Warren, Former President of Toyota Manufacturing, Class of 1958
Ann Truitt Hunsaker, Law/Author, Class of 1959
Dr. George Wright, Author/Lecturer, Class of 1968
1989 Inductees
Dr. Juanita H. Williams, Author, Class of 1940
Harry Dean Stanton, Actor, Class of 1944  
Thomas B. Deen,Transportation Engineer, Class of 1946
Dr. Madison Pryor, Explorer/Author, Class of 1947**
Bryron Romanowitz, Architect. Class of 1947
Marilyn Moosnick, Civic Leader/TV, Class of 1948**
Dr. Roger Hardin, Medicine, Class of 1949
Dr. Robert Vandenbosch, Nuclear Physicist, Class of 1950
Gay Brewer, Pro Golfer, Class of 1952**
John Y. Brown, Jr., Business/Past Governor of Kentucky, Class of 1952
Rear Adm. William T. Pendley, US Navy/Military, Class of 1953
Gene Gray, Artist, Class of 1956
Ethelee Davidson Baxter, Law, Class of 1956
Dr. John Baxter, Medicine, Class of 1958
Dr. Robert M. Carey, Medicine, Class of 1958
Dr. Roger Cooke, Medicine, Class of 1958
Jeff Mullins, Athletics NBA, Class of 1960
Tom Hammond, Sports Announcer, Class of 1962
Jim Varney, Actor, Class of 1968**
Rebecca Overstreet, Law, Class of 1970